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As the end of September comes about, many parents are too distracted to think about preparing apple pies or putting together Halloween costumes. Instead, it is entrance exam season, which means exam preparation. It is also time to choose the school in which their child will live though the important transition that is adolescence.

Another way of choosing schools

We often forget crucial elements when making THE decision. We obviously think of the programs offered at the school, at its rankings in various categories, and its overall reputation. Instead, we could begin by contemplating where the child would be most comfortable.

Do the school’s values correspond to your child’s personality? Does sending them to a prestigious school separate them from their friends? We must keep in mind that they will be the ones attending this school!

Open house is a great opportunity to get a feel for the school’s ambiance. Beyond the program descriptions and the paperwork that you will inevitably overwhelm with, school visits will allow you to decide which school is most convenient for you, and the one where your child feels most comfortable.

Watch your stress level, its contagious!

Entrance exams have become a significant source of stress. Many psychologists and school principles claim that entrance exams have become so stressful that they are considering an alternative to this “compulsory”, and at times toxic, right of passage. In order to take the drama out of the equation, it is important to remember those schools also consider previous report cards when making their choice.

In other words, it does not all rest on their performance during that three-hour exam period. Fiou! If your child was well supported in grade school, if they acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge, there is no need to worry. They are looking for well-developed brains, not over-stuffed brains.

If you are still looking to help prepare your child, precious resources exist. Also, try to favor all the winning conditions the day of the exam. A good night’s sleep, a hardy breakfast, and remembering to breath; all these pointers have proven their worth, and apparently they also work for adults…

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